What is Morimol?

It is a group of people who want someone to notice about the scent, sound, colour of forest and rice field with working there.

Would you like to play a little dangerous?

Play with egged tools
(Saw, chainsaw, hatchet, sickle)

  • Bamboo cutting with a saw and chainsaw
  • Undergrowth hunting using a mower
  • Thinning out cedar forest
  • Disassembly of fallen trees
  • Rice harvesting

Playing with fire

  • ncineration of dead bamboo
  • Heating a kettle of water
  • Grilling bacon

Playing on the soil

  • Digging soil when burning fire in the forest
  • Create a new road to make it easier to work
  • Turning over soil in rice field with a cultivator

Playing in the water

  • rice planting
  • Weeding rice fields
  • Clam digging

Night play

  • Members have a drinking


The mountain is inKisarazu.
The rice field is in Yamanashi prefecture.
You can have an experience dangerous play easily even from the city center.

Basic information

Group name Morimol, specified non-profit organization
Address 2-35-1415 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0052
Tel 080-3156-0760
E-mail contact@morimoru.info
Activity categories Town development / community, children, environment / green, employment support / consumer life
Year of establishment 2014
Representative Kazuhiro Sano
Membership Total number of members 60 * Recruiting members
Admission fee No admission fee
Membership fee There is a membership fee, regular member (individual / corporate) bite 3,000 yen
Activities We have been gathering friends who wish to let many people notice the scents, sounds, colors, and tastes of nature that are rarely have anexperienc in the city through the working in forests "and" rice fields.
During working in forest, the sound bamboo rubbing each other sound as if someone talking.
We know young leaves emitting scent in spring.
We enjoy having bamboo shoots and wild strawberry in forest.
In rice field sun drying rice are the best.

Results of Activities

2020Cleaning trees and bamboo that fell due to last year's typhoon
March 2019Full-scale start of rice cultivation in Yamanashi Prefecture
June 2017Rice cultivation research started in Yamanashi Prefecture
July 2016Participated in Kagurazaka Festival Opened a store to dispel rumors in Tohoku
June 2016Try a plan to enjoy clamming and bamboo shoot hunting with parents and children in Kisarazu
July 2015Participated in the Kagurazaka Festival in July 2015 Opened a store to dispel rumors in Tono City, Fukushima Prefecture
October 2014Bamboo grove maintenance in Kisarazu in October 2014. Since then, we are still working at a monthly pace.


Participation information

《Recruitment of people who have experience playing in the forest》

The training location is in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture. In spring and summer, not only the forest but also the sea is nearby, so you can enjoy the nature of both the forest and the sea.
If you are interested, please contact us at contact@morimoru.info!

《Recruitment of people who can throw money to play in the forest》

Example of throwing money 3,000 yen
Transfer destination financial institution name:Mizuho Bank
Branch name:Iidabashi branch
Store number:061
Account type:Normal
Account number:2649014
Account name:Tokuhi) Morimol